IVSA Officials 2016-2017

The General Assembly (GA), consisting of delegates from all our member organizations present is the main governing body of IVSA, and at the IVSA Congress the GA elects our Executive Committee, which is in charge of the daily running of IVSA, with the help of the Secretariat and the Trust, also elected by the GA.

ExCo 16-17 Tree final

The Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee (ExCo) is the supreme administrative body of IVSA, and consists of the President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Member Organization Director, Development Aid Director and three open positions, this year specified as: Committee Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator and External Relations Officer. Each of the ExCo members is responsible for tasks vital to the running of IVSA between the General Assemblies. If you want to read more about each ExCo member’s specific tasks and projects, or the ExCo in general, please visit the Manuals section of the IVSA Wiki and also visit the projects section.

The Secretariat:

The Secretariat is an administrative body of IVSA, elected by the General Assembly to assist the ExCo with their tasks and projects. The Secretariat consists of eight Secretaries this year, each allocated to one or several ExCo members, but they are also to assist the rest of the ExCo with whatever tasks they might need help performing. It’s also a great trainee program for anyone who is interested in running for a position in the ExCo in the following term. Please visit our manuals to learn more about the Secretariat and their duties.

The Trust:

The Trust consists of five Trustees this year, who all have formerly held a position in either the ExCo or the Secretariat prior to being elected. They have an advisory role, guiding, supervising and assisting the work of the ExCo and the Secretariat. The Trust has a vital role when a new ExCo is elected, so that the new officers quickly can get started on their work, and be updated on the work of the former ExCo (also each officer has a handover period after the new ExCo is elected to update them on current projects and their tasks). This body ensures stability and efficiency in the running of IVSA. Please read more about the Trust in our manuals.

Committee Chairs:

The Committee Chairs are elected leaders of the 3 Committees: Standing Committee of One Health (SCOH), Standing Committee of Veterinary Education (SCoVE), and Animal Welfare Committee (AWC), and the 2 Working Groups: The Working Group on Policy Statements and Position Papers (PS&PP), as well as the Working Group on Alumni. The Committee Chairs are in charge of the different Committees, and facilitate the functionality and work of the different committees as well as the projects, which are very important to the IVSA. Please read more about the Committee Chairs in our manuals.

You can also visit the Bylaws section for further details.

ExCo 2015-16 Collage